Exposing your startup to the world is an essential step to show that you have an idea that satisfies the needs of your clients.
What about showcasing your startup to everyone in the world, right at their homes?

Techne Summit Dubrovnik, “the virtual edition” is giving you the chance of displaying your startup to attendees watching from all around the world through a unique and interactive online experience!

Here are some of the many benefits of exhibiting online:

▪ Showcasing
- Boost brand visibility and present your masterpiece to Techne Dubrovnik attendees, watching from different countries.
- Generate more leads, raise sales opportunities & grow your business
- Virtually meet entrepreneurs, experts & investors in your field

▪ Networking
- Build a strong network with people from different cultures
- Have an online, yet face-to-face interaction with your audience
- Know your competitors! It’s so important to place yourself in the market

▪ Education
- You will have 2 Passes to access ALL Virtual Talks, no exception!
- You get access to ALL Virtual Workshops.

▪ Development
- Get a chance of a virtual “1 on 1 mentoring” with one of our mentors
- A meeting scheduling feature is also available, to set up a meeting with an expert or a mentor.
- You can target some future prospects and leads for your business through our Matchmaking Tool!

📌Don’t miss the huge opportunity of being exposed virtually to the world! Techne Summit Dubrovnik, Coming From Dubrovnik, to the World!

  • Super Early Bird
  • Early Bird
  • Regular
  • Late
  • Gate
Startup Exhibitor
  • 2 Passes
  • Access to All Virtual Talks
  • Access to Virtual Exhibition Floor
  • Access to Virtual Meeting Spaces
  • Access to Virtual Workshops
  • 1 on 1 Virtual Mentoring
  • Your logo on Website
  • 1 Virtual Exhibition Booth Including Full Startup Details, Virtual Meeting Space, Full Virtual Profile
  • 🔥 Meeting Scheduling Feature & Matchmaking Tool